Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


Our mission is to deliver to clients exceptional and imaginative projects that complement and enhance the natural environment of the area. To achieve this, we will create a working environment that supports, motivates and empowers employees, enabling them to provide a focused, creative and committed service to our clients. Our commitment to ideals of progress and development throughout our history has laid solid foundations for our fruitful future.

At CSN DEMETRIOU DEVELOPERS LTD, our principal concerns are of sustainable development, where we have fostered a caring relationship with our fellow man and maintained a deep-rooted concern for the environment that we share. Innovation has flourished through the years as the very foundation of our corporate identity.

We at CSN DEMETRIOU DEVELOPERS LTD view innovation as part of creation, evident in our people and corporate culture as well as in every single one of our projects. The blend of culture, creativity, history and large dosage of passion for breakthrough thinking and design has been the Company’s guiding light and remains our assurance for the future.

The Company’s mission is to keep and improve our strong market position and be recognised as a credible construction and development company that delivers projects of the highest standard. Through good management, strong commitment, and by using the most modern resources, we will provide stylish, high quality properties that meet our clients’ needs.

By taking careful and considered steps, and by not compromising our name, we will continue to increase our service excellence and commitment to our clients.

The Mission of the Company includes the beneath:


–  Meet customer’s needs.

–  Delivering the highest levels of client satisfaction, so that they will see us as the company that exceeds their expectations.

–  Delivering projects that are unique for their innovation, creativity and originality.

–  Using state-of-the-art technologies and methods – always keeping up to date with international industry developments.

–  Selecting only the finest and most appropriate locations, never putting cost before quality.

–  Maintaining strict environmental awareness and minimizing any impact of our work.

–  Providing a stimulating and challenging work environment for our staff, nurturing their skills and recognizing and rewarding their efforts.

– Always maintaining a high standard of business and personal ethics.



The Vision of the Company is to transform the real estate sector in Cyprus. Over the last years we had created a dynamic team that has consistently delivered value and absolute customer satisfaction. This has earned CSN DEMETRIOU DEVELOPERS LTD a reputation and place at the forefront of the country’s property industry. Today, our name is trusted, and our work is respected by industry professionals, government and satisfied homeowners.

Clients are at the centre of everything we do and this is reflected in our vision – which is focused on continuously improving our performance so that our clients will always identify us through our values of integrity, reliability, innovation and excellence.

The vision of the Company is to ensure that our integrity and reputation keep us among the leaders in our industry.  We will further enhance our acknowledged leadership and high status by continuing to deliver totally dependable service and product to our clients.

We will be at the forefront of introducing innovative ideas and technologies that will improve efficiency and reduce the impact of our operations on the environment.

Finally, we will further strengthen our commitment to excellence so that clients will automatically see us as the company of choice.